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Who are England’s top sixth form subject performers?

Welcome to the fourth year of our annual research analysis – which celebrates sixth form excellence. Last year this popular analysis was viewed over 200,000 times.
There is a variety of information available concerning over-all institutional performance. This is the only national comparative analysis at subject level, which considers student progress in preference to student outcomes.  It seeks to shine a light on examples of excellence and celebrate what is often invisible (and uncelebrated) in headline performance table measures.
Each year we look at a different perspective. For this year’s analysis, we considered academic (school sixth-forms and sixth form colleges) and vocational (all providers) performance in 2016.

What does this data actually mean?

Holy Family Catholic School, Waltham Forest was number 1 for Physics in 2016. That means they were the number 1 centre (valued added) of all centres that taught A-level Physics in England- a fantastic achievement.

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Your comparative analysis against 2500+ centres

View your overall and subject performance relative to local, national top performers, schools in similar circumstance or any choice.  You can do so via Oxford Analytics L3 Interactive.  It is the only comparative dashboard post-16, based on the full national data sets, available – try it here.

Comparative Analytical model


While the data features many Oxford Analytics Partner Schools – this is not a cohort study.  We use the full, validated Department for Education (DfE) national data sets, 2016. That includes over 2,500 centres. The data matching was conducted by an Oxford Analytics research team.  For this particular analysis, we considered all schools and sixth form colleges  for the academic subjects and all providers for the vocational analysis.  Statistical corrections: entries below 5 suppressed.  Minor subjects with <100 centres excluded. Values below 0.30 + VA excluded. Decimal places are used to rank institutions with similar VA.

Re-using our analysis

You are welcome to use the analysis in your own publications. You do not need prior permission but we request that you acknowledge Oxford Analytics as the source of the analysis.


Thanks to the DfE and NPD Data Teams, Oxford Analytics Research, the hundreds of schools that keep us on our toes – and our friends in Deutschland at Data Wrapper.